Keynote on AI in the public sector at RACG


It has my honour to be invited by the Royal Academy of Galician Sciences the to give a keynote about “AI and its impact on society from a European perspective: the example of its applications in the public sector”.

We talked about the increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems across various sectors, highlighting both the opportunities for innovation and economic growth and the associated risks to security, health, and fundamental rights. This underscores the urgent need for adopting ethical and trustworthy AI practices. The discussion also covers the transition towards making these best practices into strict legal requirements, with a focus on the European AI Act, which aims to ensure ethical, trustworthy, and human-centric AI. Our research at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Seville examines the impact of digitalization and AI on society, analyzing the AI Act’s scope, requirements, risk-based approach, and the transformative technical, organizational, and social changes it entails, particularly in the public sector.