10001 engineer friends

My 16 friends from the University of Zaragoza and I have written a wonderful (and successful!) story for children to learn about our lives as women engineers. You can find more information and purchase the book at Unizar press or Amazon.

Synocene – beyond the Anthropocene

I feel extremely honoured to be the scientific side of the SciArt project SYNOCENE conceived by outstanding artists Marina Wainer and Sam Nester, and also in collaboration with my colleague Lucía Iglesias from European Commission’s DG Environment. SYNOCENE is a 360 degree involving sound installation where the voices of humans, artificial intelligence and nature co-exist exploring a decentered view of our anthropocentric experience of the natural world.

A Forest

I was lucky to collaborate with the wonderful artist Max de Esteban on his brilliant work entitled A Forest, which is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA). In the artwork below, the artist politely asks a deep neural network for a selfie, even though -as an algorithm- it has no self. Will explainable AI help to bridge this gap between machines and human beings?