Keynote speech at TECNOSOCIAL 2022


I was invited to give the closing keynote at TECNOSOCIAL 2022.

Tecnosocial 2022 is a project promoted by the Department of Equality, Social Policies and Work-Life Balance of the Andalusian Regional Government, the Malaga Provincial Council and Malaga City Council. It is one of the actions included in the first Research and Innovation Plan for Social Services in Andalusia and aims to be a forum for analysis, dissemination, research and technological innovation in Social Services. The 2022 event brought together leading academics, scientists, industry professionals, third sector organisations, government authorities and national and international companies. The topics discussed have a great impact with an economic and social added value for the whole sector.

I presented my research on trustworthy AI at the JRC, as well as my previous research at Herta on ethical face recognition, in a keynote speech entitled AI and its impact on people from a European perspective: the example of facial analysis applications.